Cat Patty Cake

This is hilarious. . .



Amazing Punch

Sooo, here is the recipe of the best Christmas Punch ever. . .you are not going to believe how simple it is!

1 48 oz. bottle of cranberry juice

2 c. orange juice

4 whole cloves

1 cinnamon stick

In a large saucepan combine all ingredients.  Heat to boiling, then reduce heat to low to simmer. Simmer until spices are to the desired strength. Remove from heat and discard cinnamon and cloves.  Serve hot or cold.

I’m feeling so thankful for my amazingly hard-working students!  Thank you, thank you, for all your help organizing the horn ensemble folders last night!  I had no idea that it would take almost FOUR hours!!  An especially huge thank you to Mike and Rachel for being there from start to finish, right up to the bitter end—long after the pizza was gone!  You’re the greatest.

Random Act of Culture

“I just wish that I’d practiced this much when I was at EMU!”, exclaimed a former EMU horn student. I had a conversation recently that made me wonder why is it so difficult to get a perspective in the midst of life? Hindsight is so clear and yet in the present, priorities are skewed and time spent often doesn’t reflect our real values. It doesn’t take long to realize a better way — after the fact. Listening to our conscience now and listening to the advice/counsel of people we respect is perhaps the best route to a more comprehensive understanding here and now. It’s worth some thought. . .what is important to me? What do I value and does my time reveal where my heart is? If I truly want to be a better musician and a horn player who continues to excel. . .would someone observing me moment by moment and day by day draw the same conclusion? Just wondering. . .

Clinic Day 2010

Clinic Day at EMU is coming! Less than 2 weeks away, Saturday, November 20, 2010. All 9-12th grade horn players are welcome!  Bring a solo with you and audition for EMU Honors Band in the morning.  Always a highlight —  our combined high school and university student horn choir will be performing prelude music to the evening Bandarama Concert. Grab your horn, invite a friend and join in the fun!

Music is your chosen profession, the subject you are most passionate about. . .perhaps you fell in love with music because listening to it feeds your soul, or you recognize that it touched someone’s heart when you performed and want to give more. Perhaps you have a desire to help young people through music, maybe help them stay away from self-destructive habits and encourage them to enjoy music as an outlet — to experience the joy of working hard and accomplishing a goal once thought unreachable. As you personally discover the reward of discipline, perseverance, development of character and the ultimate delight of self-expression through music, you will know first-hand the joy of being a performer with more and more to give.  Ultimately, your personal excellence is realized and  your beloved listener gets the benefit!

There are so many distractions, though, so many other things vying for my time.  Why should I spend precious time practicing horn?  Can’t I just enjoy “putting my heart into it” and just doing the best I can?  More to come. . .